Mostly Harmless


The goal..

To create an Elite like space game based on Chris Laurel's Celestia.


15 Aug 2004
Gone bush!
I've quit my job and started on a long trip around Australia. Development is still progressing, more info here.

11 Mar 2004
Solar System Generator 0.2.0
The MySQL backend and the solar system generator Stargen have been combined. This completes the foundation of the natural environment of Mostly Harmless.

24 November 2003
Version 0.1.4 of the MySQL add-on released. See this thread.
Sourceforge CVS no longer in use, latest source in the downloads area.

13 May 2003
Initial implementation of an embedded MySQL database and integrated SQL console has been completed. As a spin off this brings powerful star filtering and marking capabilities to Celestia. For more information and screenshots go to this Celestia forum thread .

25 Sep 2002
Solar System Generator 0.0.2
Data files reduced from 10 to 2 gig. Cloud textures assigned to planets according to atmospheric data. Terrestrial textures assigned as per hydrosphere coverage.

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